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Update - January 2016

Kristy Grant of Cat Tail Corner provides 2 meals a day, 365 days a year, to abandoned cats whose irresponsible human guardians have left them to fend for themselves or die. Kristy also rescues feral cats that nobody wants, that are in hopeless situations and destined to die. These living, feeling felines only want to live, just like everyone else, and Kristy gives them that chance. With the help of a handful of loyal supporters, Kristy does this on a preschool teacher’s salary through the Cat Tail Corner 501(c)3 not for profit organization. Kristy owns 10 acres of land in Pierson, Florida. Specially designed fences help to contain and protect the cats. She manages the operation by herself, 365 days a year, while working full time.

My initial objective was to give Kristy some financial relief by providing food for all the cats for one week a month. She needs help and I asked friends for a donation of one, 18 pound bag of Publix Complete Nutrition cat food, once a month. The cost is $11.99 plus tax, less than $0.50 a day. Purina Cat Chow Complete (blue bag) , which is sold at all stores, is also an option; no dyes in either product.  So which ever product you choose....the cats will be happy and healthy!

The campaign began in June, 2015. As of January, 2016 there are 23 participants who donate one bag of cat food a month. Together with what I add we are now feeding Kristy’s cats more than eight days a month. My long term objective is that two or three of the current contributors will start a circle of their own. My ultimate goal is that the One Meal a Month campaign provides all the dry food needs of Cat Tail Corner, 365 days a year. 

If you just like cats and admire what one woman sacrifices to safeguard these helpless and hopeless animals please consider committing to providing one meal a month. Thank you for your interest and support. Please contact Janice Spencer if you would like to get involved with this worthy cause.

Janice Spencer


Or you can mail checks to: Cat Tail Corner, P.O. Box 952 DeLeon Springs, FL 32130

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